From clothes to computers, and works of art to miracle cures, everybody’s doing it – using the Internet to shop! And that’s why more and more people are ditching brokers and selling their business online.

You know how they say, if you hear something often enough, you’ll believe it? Well, that’s what’s happened with property and business sales over the years. Agents and brokers have told us we can’t possibly do it without them. They may even tell you horror stories of private sales that went wrong. But you know what, there are also many agent and broker sales that have gone wrong, too!

Sales DO fall through sometimes – perhaps the buyer can’t get finance; it’s subject to the sale of another property or business that doesn’t sale, or they simply change their mind. And this can happen whether you use an agent or broker, or not.

However, you could go so far as to say that it’s less likely to happen if you are selling the business yourself. Why? because YOU have a vested interest. The broker has a vested interest in so much as he wants his commission, but he doesn’t have the emotional link to the business.

If you’ve decided to sell, it would be for a particular reason. Perhaps you want to retire; or buy something bigger; or change direction completely, or maybe there is a family reason. Whatever the reason, you want that business sold, now. You don’t want to put your life on hold for months and months while a broker sells it for you.

Without a doubt, you have more knowledge of the business than a broker; more passion for the business, and, importantly, you are only selling one business, your own, and not juggling other clients.

Typically, 10% of the final sale price goes to the broker. Would you prefer that lump sum in your bank account? Could it make a major difference to what you do next? Then consider marketing your business yourself.

Perhaps you’re not confident that you have the skills. A broker will tell you that it’s crucial to market your business in the best possible light – good photographs, editorial, and a professional-looking advertisement.

Well, here’s the thing! You can get all that WITHOUT paying a broker – by contacting a specialist organisation like Coast to Coast Media.

Coast to Coast Media has many years’ experience in marketing clients’ homes and businesses WITHOUT charging those huge fees and commissions.

In fact, Coast to Coast has been giving sellers the tools to sell privately for over 37 years.

They do this through print (specialist magazine) and online (Internet listings), and have their own team of experts, including those all-important graphic designers and writers, ready and waiting to help you. So all you have to do is provide the information you’d like prospective buyers to see and Coast to Coast do the rest. Easy!

But hang on, says the broker, I may have prospective buyers in my database. Well, you know what, so do Coast to Coast – they offer a fantastic Buyer Matching Service.

So, if you’re serious about selling your business, and you don’t want to hand 10% of the proceeds over to a complete stranger, I suggest digging a little deeper! 

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