Selling A Business Without Commissions


If somebody offered you a lump sum of cash, anything from $10,000 upwards, no strings attached, you’d take it, right?

So long as it was all above board, and absolutely yours to keep, you wouldn’t say no.

What would you spend it on? Renovating or extending your home? A holiday? New car? Kids’ education? It would make a major difference to your life, wouldn’t it.

But if somebody asked you to give a huge lump sum of money away for no good reason, you’d say NO WAY!

Yet that is exactly what we do when we sign up with a broker or agent to sell our business or property. We effectively say, I will give you this huge amount of cash, for doing very little, even though keeping it would give me a better quality of life.

So why not market your business yourself, with the help of a leading organisation such as Coast to Coast Media? You’ll benefit from a team of professionals – including advertising experts, graphic artists and writers; achieve maximum exposure for your business, and secure a good sale.

What you won’t get is an invoice for commission! And that means more money in YOUR pocket, not the broker’s.

Like most businesses, there are quiet and busy times in residential and commercial sales, dictated by the economy, interest rates, even the weather.

There are times to be active and times to just sit back and wait. And this is information that a company like Coast to Coast can provide.

Getting your timing right almost always equates to a better sale price and less time on the market. Like residential, business sales are cyclic and history proves our markets will fluctuate according to several key indicators.

The good news is that these indicators are pointing in the right direction right now! Banks are more generous and money has never been cheaper.

In this climate it’s likely your business is showing more profit, too, which will help to sell it quickly.

And, of course, Spring is traditionally the busiest time of the year for business sales as buyers are attracted to fresh financials and the summer trade.

Statistics show that the number of business buyers entering the market this year has risen – another very good indicator.

Still not convinced? Talk to friends or colleagues who have sold privately; do some research online; have a chat to the friendly team at Coast to Coast, and, most importantly, picture your bank balance with that extra $10,000-plus sitting in it!

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