When it comes to real estate, we have been conditioned to believe that buying or selling is difficult. For years we have been told we need agents. But you what? In most cases, we don’t!

Research shows that an astonishing nine out of 10 consumers do not trust real estate agents. Yet so many people still use them. And that means you are entrusting your greatest asset to people you don’t trust!

Talk to your friends and family – I bet every one of them has at least one story about a terrible experience with an agent. And then, when their homes were sold – usually for less than they expected – they have handed over thousands of dollars to that very same agent.

That’s crazy!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is actually very easy to sell your property without an agent – much easier than most people imagine. And, you not only save thousands in commission, but you’ll probably sell it for a higher price.

If you have ever met an agent and thought you could do a better job yourself, you are right. There is no special science to it. Yes, they have sat an exam or two to get a certificate but really, it’s not rocket science!

Think about it. What does a typical agent do?

Firstly, they ‘value’ your property – and we’ve all heard the horror stories about that! You know, pricing it high to get your listing, and then telling you it will never sell for that price.

You can work out your own price by finding out what other properties in your area are selling/have sold for. But if you’re nervous about doing that yourself, consider engaging a qualified valuer to assess the property.

Next, the agent places ads in the papers (and usually expects you to pay for these ads). So, you could do that yourself, couldn’t you?

Then the agent sits at your home and waits for buyers to show up. You can do that, too – and probably better because you know and love the property.

Remember, agents don’t sell homes, the homes sell themselves. And despite being paid by YOU, they will also ‘work’ for the prospective buyer, too, by negotiating on price, to the buyer’s benefit.

The majority of agents charge far too much for doing far too little. By avoiding these agents, most sellers could save thousands of dollars in commissions, get a better price and avoid bad experiences.

The vest scenario is to sell your property yourself, with the support of a specialist organisation, like Coast to Coast Media.

Coast to Coast combine national magazines and online presence with their Buyer Matching Service to help you achieve the best possible outcome – without that commission! They also have all those professionals you need right there, including graphic artists and copywriters, to showcase your property – without the huge price tag!

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