Ask an Expert – Selling an Asset Heavy Business

The more assets your business has, the harder it can be to sell – which is why it makes sense to enlist expert help.

Without help, you could even lose money by letting your assets go for far less than they are worth.

O’Maras provide small businesses, multinationals, financiers, advisors, landlords, authorities, private corporations, insolvency practitioners and banks with result-driven asset valuation and realisation services.

Commerciality is critical

As Christopher Brereton says, “Businesses with a significant level of plant and equipment may find the asset value could be greater than a going concern value.

“Commerciality is critical! We understand each engagement is different and take pride in being nimble and offering a tailored solution for each engagement.”

Working with an organisation like O’Maras offers many benefits. For example, expert knowledge and understanding of asset risk, 40 asset sale sites nationwide, specialised future value reports, and the ability to provide guaranteed returns.

Largest database of prospective purchasers

In January 2017, O’Maras formed an alliance with GraysOnline – the largest online auction business in Australia. This enabled O’Maras to reach the largest database of prospective purchasers in Australia; that means many more bids and better still, improved results for vendors by way of higher realisations at auction.

“O’Maras Valuers & Auctioneers provide accurate, timely and experienced asset appraisal, asset management and realisation services,” said Christopher.

“Asset appraisals are a critical part of releasing value for a business, be it through a business sale, finance/refinance or restructuring event.”

O’Maras’ innovative approach means the return from the disposal of assets is maximised – be it through a live auction, online auction, tender, expression of interest, ‘buy now’ or retail disposition.

Unlimited market

O’Maras is experienced in the full range of industry categories and provide access to the largest national plant and equipment market in the country.

“Over 35 years, O’Maras has appraised and realised assets in every category including Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transport, Agriculture, Food Processing, Medical and Energy,” said Christopher.

Online auction is an excellent way to go when disposing of assets as there is an unlimited market.

Currently, online industrial equipment auctions are returning values above traditional auction results. That’s largely because the GraysOnline website attracts over 2 million average unique visitors every month – and O’Maras have a 4 million registered customer database.

If you’d like to find out more about result-driven asset valuation and realisation services, contact Christopher on 0414 335 500 or email [email protected]

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