Ethical Clothing Store Sells in Just 4 Months

The machines hummed, the time ticked by, and it was just a normal day. Except it wasn’t. It was February 22, 2011 – the day of the catastrophic Christchurch earthquake. And the building in which Nikki was working was in the thick of it. As the room crumbled around her, Nikki’s world changed forever.

Taking a job in commercial fashion in Sydney, the memory faded, and Nikki was happy. Until another earthquake rocked her world – this time in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh. Thousands were killed and injured – most working as cheap labour for the fashion industry.


That’s what prompted Nikki to launch her business, The Road Clothing, and she has just successfully – and quickly-sold that business with Coast to Coast Australia.

“I started The Road Clothing in response to the devastating impact I saw the clothing industry having on the planet as well as those people it employed,” she said.

“I wanted to prove it was possible to create clothing that had minimal impact on the environment and could actually create positive change in the world.”


The business went on to be extremely successful. What was the point of difference with other similar operations?

“When I started The Road, there were very few brands who offered ethically produced, organic fashion basics. Those that were offering it were very expensive and I felt the messaging was all wrong: that ‘ethics’ were somehow a luxury only affordable by the few.

“I wanted to change that by making ethically produced clothing at an accessible price point.”

When it came time to sell the business, Nikki was unsure how to manage the process. Then one of her stockists recommended Coast to Coast Australia.


“I never would have considered a broker but thought, why not? I’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a call. I thought they wouldn’t be interested because my business is only small, but I was so surprised and happy that they have options for small businesses that were affordable.”

With such a great business, it didn’t surprise the sales team that The Road Clothing sold very quickly.

“When I was advised businesses like mine usually sold within 3-4 months, I didn’t believe it!” said Nikki.

“Of course, I couldn’t imagine not owning my business in that short amount of time, so it was a shock but not a surprise when The Road did sell within 4 months as advised.

“The sales process was daunting to begin with. I was very nervous talking to potential buyers, but then once I warmed up, I realised that if there was one thing I could talk passionately about ‘off the cuff’ to a stranger, it was this business which I knew inside out like a third child.

“In the end, it was easy to answer questions and leaving it to the buyers to make up their own minds.

It wasn’t a hard sell; I’m not good at that! It was about finding the right fit and I certainly did with the person
who eventually purchased.”


Nikki said she would have no hesitation in recommending Coast to Coast to others.

“Absolutely! There was nothing I could fault about the service I received; in fact, it was over and above what I expected, and I was so happy with the result.”

And the best things about the service she received?

“The personal phone calls, great advice, immediate responses, real care and genuine interest. I really felt like I was being looked after.

“I would definitely use the service again – and I wouldn’t hold off making the call like I did last time!”

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