Whether you’ve been given a magnificent bouquet, or you’ve simply picked a bunch of garden blooms, there’s just something about fresh flowers and plants in the home. Not only do they add colour and scent, but they are actually very beneficial for the soul!

They also deliver a health-promoting array of benefits.

More Flowers, Less Stress

Did you know that flowers can boost your mood? Bright, fresh cut flowers instantly make people feel better, and less likely to experience feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

Fresh flowers have also been shown to stimulate creativity and concentration, so why not try adding some to your child’s bedroom or play area. It will brighten the space, stimulate their growing imagination and encourage responsibility, if you put them in charge of watering.

Because they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, plants can help to purify the air in your home. Houseplants can remove volatile organic compounds like those that come from cigarette smoke, vinyl floors, plastic and other household items. Studies show that plants can even speed up recovery time for certain conditions and illnesses.

And of course, flowers and plants double as easy and inspiring interior decoration.

Shabby Chic For A Fresh New Look

Coordinate plant and flower colours with your space if ultra-chic is your look – or go for shabby-chic, by placing bright blooms on a shabby old table to lend a fresh new look.

Plants and greenery are also great for hiding cracks in walls, brightening up a dingy corner, providing a privacy screen and even noise control.

Indoor climbers and vines are fantastic for decorating, and can be wound around all manner of items from stairways to wrought iron furniture.

And don’t feel restricted to using conventional flower pots and planters, either! Use some of that imagination that flowers stimulate to come up with interesting, alternative ideas.

Scour markets and junk shops for old country-style jugs and teapots. Not only do they make great plant pots but they’re probably chipped and cheap, which just adds to the vibe.

Another easy, low cost trick is to collect some old glass jars – the type that your jam or pasta sauce came in, give them a really good scrub and clean, and then wrap them with colourful ribbon or wool, or twine for a country look.

Put three or four in a row on a windowsill or table, each filled with a few garden blooms, and you’ve got instant charm.

Grow A Vertical Herb Garden Indoors

If you’re a keen cook how about creating a vertical, edible garden in the kitchen! You can actually buy specialised containers for this from most DIY shops – or make your own using old shelves.

Make sure it gets plenty of light, and water when necessary, and you’ll always have fresh herbs and salad on hand.

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