Did you know that you can legally market and sell your own property, saving thousands of dollars in commission?

And it’s not as difficult or as scary as you might think.

Statistics show Australians are increasingly ditching real estate agents and going it alone. And it’s easy to see why.

There are many benefits to selling privately – as mentioned, there’s a huge saving in commission. And if nothing else, that makes doing it yourself very tempting!

How often have you sold a property through an agent and then begrudgingly paid the commission feeling that you did most of the legwork yourself?

If the house is on the market for a long time, you’ll grow impatient with the agent. But if it sells within days, you’ll feel he or she hasn’t even earned their commission!

But just how ‘alone’ should you go?

If you find the whole concept a little daunting, there are ways of getting the help and support you need at a fraction of the cost of a commission.

Some vendors use websites such as Gumtree but bear in mind, selling a property is very different to selling a car or a dining room table!

A better idea is to talk to a specialist organisation, such as Coast to Coast Media, a team that has been giving sellers the tools to sell privately for 37 years.

Coast to Coast combine national magazines and online presence with their Buyer Matching Service to help you achieve the best possible outcome – without that commission! They also have all those professionals you need right there, including graphic artists and copywriters.

Of course, something to get right from the get-go is the asking price for your home – too high, and you’ll frighten off prospective buyers; too low and you’ll lose out.

However, with the information available at our fingertips today, you can do just as good a job on this as a real estate agent. But you must do your homework.

Read up on what the property market is doing as a whole, nationally and locally. How has your state been performing? What about your suburb? What have other houses sold for in your neighbouring – and note, that’s SALE price, not ASKING price.

This information can be found through local media or, more accurately, for a small fee, through professional data sites.

So, you’ve made the decision, you’ve priced your property, and you’ve spoken to the professionals who can help you market it, WITHOUT the commission. Off you go!

Just to recap, here are some of those advantages, of selling privately:

  • Save thousands in commission and advertising fees (average $15,000)
  • You stay in control, and don’t sign any contract
  • You deal direct with the buyers. There is no middleman
  • You can sell quickly without working to the agent’s schedule
  • More money in your pocket
  • No pressure to drop your price to get the sale

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