What Type Of Homebuyer Are You? Choose Among Our Six Profiles

Home buyers fall into several different categories that are based on their preferences and approach towards finding the perfect house. Do you know what type of home buyer you are and are you aware of your biggest strengths/weaknesses?

The Coast to Coast property for sale team has come up with six different categories of home buyers. Each one of these categories has unique qualification features. Take a look at those, especially if you’re a property seller. The characteristics of each group will be determining for the most effective property sale approach.

The First-Time Homebuyer

The lack of experience and the great amounts of enthusiasm of first-time home buyers set them in a category of their own.

First-time buyers usually have smaller resources to dedicate to the house sale, which is why they tend to be rather cautious and they dedicate a lot of time to inspecting each possibility. They may even rely on the services of a professional in the field of real estate inspection to choose the best option.

When a first-time buyer falls in love with a particular house, however, chances are that this individual will make a purchase and close the deal rather quickly.

The Shark

The shark buyer is intuitive, quick and very observant. This type of property buyer has a natural tendency towards picking a good investment option, asking the right questions and negotiating for the best possible conditions.

Such buyers can be quite demanding but they’ll also make quick decisions. They would never want to miss on a great offer, especially if the market has a few options to offer and the competition is tough.

The Move-In Ready Buyer

Such buyers look for property that doesn’t require any modifications and improvements. They want the perfect place and they want to move in immediately after making the purchase. This is why move-in ready buyers will often be disappointed by the options that the market has to offer.

Move-in ready buyers don’t worry about having to look at house after house. They can dedicate enough time to the process and they happen to be quite patient. Home staging and recent renovations will please move-in ready buyers, especially if the style corresponds to their vision of a perfect home. Such buyers will also be willing to pay more for a place that they’re particularly in love with.

The Dreamer

A dreamer is a person that can imagine the ideal house. Unfortunately, such buyers will rarely be satisfied by what real properties look like.

Dreamers will explore one house after the other, hoping that sooner or later, they will come across the ideal property. In their search for perfection, dreamers will often miss great offers. These buyers are rather indecisive. They worry that by opting for a particular offer, they’ll miss out on something better.

Dreamers lack the practical vision and they will quite often fail purchasing anything. This is why such buyers need the assistance of a professional (like a home inspector, for example), who’ll tell them whether the particular house is a good investment.

The Environmentalist

These are usually young and hip property buyers. They happen to be extremely environmentally-conscious and they look for energy efficiency and green building improvements.

Properties that don’t have any environment-friendly improvements will fail impressing the eco warrior. On the other hand, such buyers will often be willing to spend money for the property that corresponds to all of their strict lifestyle requirements.

The Committed Home Buyer

This buyer is 100 percent certain that the perfect property is out there. The committed home buyer is fully dedicated to the process and passionate about it. Many home sellers love to work with such buyers because they are very serious, curious and intelligent about the process.

A committed buyer does a bit of research in advance. This individual is aware of property market trends and what a good price is. The buyer knows how to do a home inspection and which signs are indicative of poor maintenance.

A committed home buyer is sharp and focused. It’s possible for this individual to create a checklist before entering the negotiations process. Since this person has a good idea about what they want, closing the deal quickly is a viable option.

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