Tips For Moving In And Decorating Your First Home

Moving in the first house that you’ve bought is certainly an exciting and memorable moment. Property ownership will mark a new phase in your life and give you the freedom and the flexibility that you deserve.

When getting ready to move in the first house that you’ve bought, you’ll need to focus on several essentials. Organising the move and knowing which steps to undertake first will save you a lot of time and help you transform the property into the cosiest home.

Make Sure That You’ve Asked The Seller These Questions In Advance

Before moving in, you’ll need to ask the former owner several very important questions. These include:

  • – Where is the main circuit breaker located?
  • – Where is the water shut-off valve?
  • – Should any of the surfaces in the home be cleaned with special products or treated in a particular way?
  • – Are there any instructions or manuals for the appliances that remain in the house?
  • – What companies are the providers of TV, internet, telephone, etc?
  • This is a lot of information so make sure that you write down the answers. It will still be possible to call the former owner in the future and ask follow-up questions but make sure that you have the most important data in advance.

Take Some Time To Get To Know The House Before Renovating

Some people that have just bought their first home rush into making renovations. Experts don’t recommend this approach because it will usually result in unnecessary expenditure.

Take some time to get to know the house better and to live in it. That’s the only way to identify serious problems and issues that interfere with your lifestyle. What may seem like a smart renovation idea in the very beginning could turn out to be highly impractical after you live in the house for a certain period of time.

It’s also important to wait with the changes until the next important phase in your life. Do you plan to have children in the years to come? If so, a renovation that you’re considering now for purely aesthetical purposes could prove to be dangerous for little ones.

Clean Your New House

Do a thorough property cleaning before moving your belongings to the house. It’s the most important part of the process, regardless of the fact that the former owner has probably cleaned the house once before moving out.

There will be some dust accumulated on the surfaces. Vacuum cleaning, dusting and polishing will bring your new home that attractive sparkle. Pay special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. If the kitchen has been used frequently by the former owners, there will be some signs of wear and tear. Good cleaning and degreasing products will speed up the task.

Hire Movers And Supervise The Process

Having to furnish and decorate your first home can be an overwhelming task. Get some professional help – it will certainly be worth the expenditure.

You’ll have to deal with multiple heavy items – beds, wardrobes, cupboards, sofas, etc. Movers have the proper training to handle such heavy items in a safe and efficient manner. They’ll know how to pack your belongings and how to transport those without causing any damage.

Though professional assistance is a really great idea, you should still supervise the process. Tell your movers where to place each item, which boxes should be handled with care and how to put the items on top of each other in the transportation vehicle.

Get The Locks Changed

Once you acquire your first house, you will need to change all of the locks.

Changing your locks isn’t a really big priority but it still happens to be a good idea. There could be keys given by the former owner to friends and relatives. It’s always best to stay on the safe side, thus consider buying new locks.

If safety is a major concern, you should also think about getting alarms and house monitoring system that will help you feel more secure.

Buy New Accessories And Decorations Every Now And Then

Since you’re moving in your first home, you will probably feel tempted to buy lots of accessories and decorations right from the start. If you want to create the perfect interior spaces, however, you should take it slow.

Live in the house for a few months and buy something new every now and then. By dedicating some time to getting used to the property, you will know which accessories are going to be most functional. You will have a good idea about how you’re using the house and what you really need.

Resist the urge to match everything. Many retail stores have sets of multiple items that all come in the same pattern or colour scheme. Numerous matching pieces will give your house a really generic look. Instead, look for accessories that go well together but still maintain a degree of individuality.

Finally, remember to have a lot of fun while moving in your new house. It’s a perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and accomplish a dream for your first home. Focus on quality, take your time and think about function (rather than only about aesthetics). By doing so, you will soon feel right at home in the first property that you’ve ever bought.

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