The Science Of Successful Shop Front Windows

How often have you walked up to a store, ready to spend money, but been put off by the shop front display – or lack of it? Now apply that theory to your own business!

The way you present your business to potential customers is vitally important. It’s called visual merchandising. It not only creates a ‘feel’ or a theme, but it can also indicate how you treat customers.

For example, a shop front and retail space that is outdated and dusty might suggest a lack of care or interest. Remember, in this competitive world, customers have many more choices – and will probably choose to go elsewhere.

Make It Appealing

The more appealing your store and your products appear through the window, the more likely shoppers are to enter and spend money.

Your window display is your main advertisement. It’s a billboard. It should absolutely scream, ‘come in, take a look around, spend money’.

There are stores that are known around the world for their amazing window displays. They draw crowds of shoppers and attract excellent free publicity – especially during holiday season.

Encourage Customers To Visit

Ever since plate glass became more available in the late 1800s, major department stores have competed for the best window displays. Indeed, in the 20th century, famous artists such as Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol were asked to created them.

Creating a theme that best matches your style of business is a good start. Try and make it topical and seasonal, and don’t be afraid to use props.

Change your shop front display on a regular basis. This doesn’t just keep your look fresh and new, but it will encourage customers to visit more frequently.

Using Psychology To Woo Customers

Continue your window display theme through your store, ensuring your products are always clean and well maintained.

Whilst shop front and store displays might seem creative, there is actually a recognised science at play here. It is based on how people react to certain sights, sounds, colours, lighting, even smells.

The more comfortable the customer feels, the more likely they are to spend. And research shows that shoppers will pay a higher price for an item bought in a favourable environment.

The psychology of visual merchandising is largely based on your target audience – for example, age, income, aspirations. Once you identify your target group – which should be the focus of any marketing strategy – you can create your look.

Create Dreams And Aspirations

To be successful, your shop front display should be both visually appealing, and emotive. It should inspire the shopper and engage their interest.

Remember when you were a child, and you continually walked past the toy shop to see the expensive new bike in the window? You knew you couldn’t afford it at that time, but you were determined that one day you would buy it.

Aspiration. It’s a major part of how we shop and, therefore, how we market. So create the dream – and they will come.

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