Stress Relief For Busy Business Owners

Let’s face it, life is stressful! Working for a boss can be stressful. But there’s no doubt about it, the life of a busy business owner is most certainly stressful. There is no job description, no set hours, no statutory breaks – and plenty of overtime!

If your finances improve, you’re less stressed, right? In a survey of small business owners, 35% cited ‘less stress’ as the major benefit of better economic conditions. Increased cash flow, and the ability to hire more staff were other benefits of improved finances. When you think about it, increased cash flow and being able to hire more staff still equates to less stress.

Feelings Of Desperation

Some stress is necessary to keep us on the ball, and motivate us to achieve. But too much stress leads to feelings of desperation, lack of control and self-doubt, and those are definitely not good for business.

Stress can be exacerbated by financial concerns, and by the pressure of trying to keep everyone happy – especially family!

The good news is, there are steps you can take to tackle business-related stress. Some of them are basic, but very effective. And others are so major, they will transform your life. Let’s start with the quick fixes.

Stop And Recharge Your Batteries

A bad habit most business owners have is to work non-stop all day. Simply stopping for 15 minutes, and eating something, will recharge the batteries and refresh you to start again. A walk around the block is great, too, as fresh air will boost your oxygen levels – and your mood.

Get Physical And Recharge

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” It’s so important to build time into your schedule for physical exercise, and sleep. Exercise releases endorphins into your body, which will trigger positive emotions. And sleep will help reduce the effects of stress.

Learn To Let Go

One of the best ways to reduce workplace stress is to have system that work. Be realistic, set (achievable) goals, and know when to say ‘no’, or let go. Stop trying to be Superman or Wonder Woman by taking on more and more work. It may help you achieve in the short-term, but overwork will eventually destroy you, and your business.

Make A Major Change

If your stress levels have gone far beyond these quick fixes, it might be time for a major change in your life. If the business can support it, consider putting a Manager in place, and taking a step back or getting more help with administration. You may consider selling the business and there are a number of factors which can help you make that decision. Selling isn’t giving up; it’s merely making a logical decision, for your good and the good of the business. And it frees you up to take on something less stressful.

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