Selling Your Business In A Digital World

There were approximately 12.8 million internet subscribers in Australia at the end of June 2015 and, globally, more than 3 billion people are using the internet.

Put simply, if you’re selling something – put it on the internet!

Okay, so it’s not rocket science and the chances are, as a business owner, you’re already well aware of these statistics and already using the internet to at least position and promote your business, if not actually selling your products or services online.

So clearly, when the time comes to market and sell your business, it needs to go online.

Easy, you say, real estate agencies and business brokers put their listings on line so that’s covered.

Sure is, but at what cost to you?

Say you were selling your home. You list it with an agent, who sticks a card in his window and books advertising in the local press – which you probably pay for. Then he says he’ll put you on one of the two major online real estate websites – and charge you for that, too.

Then when the property sells, he’ll take his commission and away you go. All good, except that money is not in your pocket, it’s in his!

Same with selling a business. You appoint a business broker, go through the same procedure, achieve a sale, but the broker walks away with a chunk of your cash.

The chances are that your buyer spotted your business online and called the broker, who will then call on you to get involved, providing financials and even talking to the prospective buyer about the business. Pretty easy work for the money, hey!

So what if your buyer spotted your business online, contacted you and you make the sale and keep ALL the cash? Sounds better, doesn’t it!

That’s the core business of Coast to Coast media, an independently-owned Australian company that has been assisting sellers for over 37 years, by giving them the tools required to sell privately – and pay NO commission – EVER!

The company offers advertising packages that incorporate not only the services you would/hope to receive from your agent or broker, but more besides – with no commission.

Yes, your business will be promoted online. Yes, your business will also be advertised in print media – in the company’s own magazine, distributed nationally and available in newsagents.

But you will also be offered access to My Real Estate Voice – Australia’s only property and business film listings website.

As discussed earlier, it’s no secret that the internet is a very powerful marketing tool, and MREV has taken this to the next level, tailoring its packages to individual needs and producing movies that work as well on mobile phones as they do on a computer screen.

And all this for a fraction of what a broker or agent would charge.

Okay, that’s great, you say, but a broker may already have prospective buyers on his list.

Yes, and so does Coast to Coast. Its Buyer Find & Screen Service is a free service given to clients who choose to market a private sale.

In this digital world of ours, you can’t afford to NOT be online when selling your business. But as we also know, cash flow is king and having to factor in a big chunk of commission isn’t that desirable.

That extra money could make all the difference to your next project, or retirement, so don’t waste it!

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