Quick Sale, Perfect Buyer and So Easy

Quick Sale, Perfect Buyer and So Easy

Akuka skincare product

That’s how Ashling Wall sums up her recent experience with Coast to Coast Magazine.

A few years ago, when Ashling was looking to buy a business, she bought the magazine and was impressed by the number of great opportunities within its pages. 

She launched Akuka Skincare in April/May 2018, driven by her passion for health-conscious, environmentally-aware products. She loves the fact that the skincare range encompasses the superior natural ingredient of Australian seaweed.

However, just as the business was taking off, Ashling fell pregnant with her second child and was working her other job four days a week.

“I realised that I just wouldn’t have the time to properly run and grow Akuka. Rather than just letting it run down, I wanted to pass it on to someone else, who would have the time and passion to make it a success.

“I was already aware of Coast to Coast magazine and Xcllusive Business Sales, so it made sense to sell that way. I thought it would take a few months to sell, but it was only about four weeks in all.”

Ashling said she was surprised by not only the number of enquiries about the business but also the number of strong genuine leads.

Ashling Wall

“The leads were from people who were all ready to go and the whole process went very smoothly. I couldn’t have chosen better buyers; they are very experienced and know what they are doing.”

So, what attracted Ashling to using Coast to Coast Magazine to sell her business?

“I thought it was excellent that I didn’t have to pay commission, especially at my price point. That’s money back in my pocket! I also found it really good selling it myself. Who knows your business better than yourself?

“I was a little bit nervous at first, but I got a lot of support from Tracey and the book I was given was really useful. I read it cover to cover! For example, I didn’t know when to hand over the financials and things like that, but Tracey was there to help from beginning to end.”

Once the children are older, Ashling said she would seriously consider buying a business again if the right opportunity came up. And, of course, Coast to Coast Magazine is the first place she’ll look!
If you’d like to know more about selling your business through Xcllusive Business Sales and Coast to Coast Magazine, phone 1300 793 792 or visit www.coasttocoastmagazine.com.au

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