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Set up as a home base online business plus the perfect product to sell at markets and festivals.

Due to the founder’s lack of time whilst raising a young family the business has never had the opportunity to get off the ground. 

Berri Boisson sells beautiful handbags and accessories – designed to carry around your beverage of choice in a simple, elegant, hidden manner because it has a false bottom within the bag.

Being sold as an ONLINE START UP BUSINESS, this is perfect for someone wishing to work from home – plus weekend markets or festivals. 

Shopify website ready to relaunch and commence taking orders.

There is huge potential to grow the business – by wholesaling the products to retailers and wineries!

  • Berri Boisson bags look just like a designer handbag!
  • The clever design includes a hidden insulated section to snugly fit a bottle or cask of wine
  • Also functions as a normal handbag, with plenty of room for your purse, lipstick, phone or even cheese and bickies!
  • Stylish, classy, and versatile – All Berri Boisson Bags, come with a strap
  • Optional Berri Boisson Bag Table Hangers – No need to even pick up your bag to pour a drink!   
  • Includes reuseable 2L wine bladder bags so you can choose your own beverage to take, it doesn’t even have to be wine!
  • All products are individually packaged in sealed, clear plastic
  • Sale includes Stock with 1400 bags, Berri Boisson Facebook page, Shopify website, 2 x Domain Names, Instagram page, Berri Boisson Banners and pamphlets, and product pictures
  • The buyer could quickly and easily reactivate this business as a side hustle or full-time gig!
  • The business needs effective online marketing, making it ideal for a buyer with marketing/IT skills.

Berri Boisson Bags are an innovative way to take your beverage of choice with you next time you go out. With your wine bag of choice, your drinks pre-chilled and conveniently sealed away from inquisitive eyes in a hidden insulated section, your drinks may keep cold for hours.

Once your bottle or cask is secure in place, you simply put the cover over and add other necessities (car keys; phone; wallet; lipstick) without having to worry about them till you need a dink! 

Berri Boisson Bags can be used to keep anything cool – beer, cool drinks, water, juice – even your lunch!


PRICE: $10,000

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  • State: Western Australia
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