NEL ENERGY AUSTRALIA announces its new Australian venture. Waste to Energy. Used tyres to renewable fuel, carbon black and recycled wire.

NEL Energy’s business model is converting waste plastic into usable oil and processing used tyre waste into fuel, carbon black and recycled wire.

These renewables are vigorously sought after on local and world markets. Renewables is nothing new to NEL. The Australian CEO Mr Peter Leith-Wybrow says that his family have been for generations converting waste into energy.

The family company Ngaitahu Energy Limited was established in New Zealand.
In the 1950’s the family-owned pine forests in the South Island of New Zealand converting waste timber into biofuels to make steam to drive turbo generators.

The NEL business model partners with local authorities and businesses within a community. NEL establishes its plant and process used tyres into Diesel fuel, Carbon Black and recycled wire. This business is extremely beneficial to mankind and its environment. Profitable to investors who participate in this industry.

NEL Energy sets up the plant and becomes a co-owner with one or more investors within a geographical region. Mr Leith-Wybrow says it is a low-risk business, creating a product where demand out strips supply, it is very good for the environment, employs local people and coverts local waste to supply global energy requirements.

TO FIND OUT MORE VISIT or CONTACT Peter on  NgaiTahu Energy Limited [email protected] or Private company cell/mobile # 0413309351



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  • State: Queensland
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