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From large industrial sheds and warehouses to small family homes, Cardiffair is the natural cooling and ventilation company that covers them all!

With consumers demanding more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient cooling systems, this established business offers a bright future plus growth potential.

Cardiffair manufactures and sells systems that naturally cool homes/premises – without breaking the bank or crippling the owner with electricity costs.

  • Australia’s #1 Natural Cooling and Ventilation Specialist
  • The Cardiffair system is the only natural cooling system with (patented) Radial Intake air movement
  • Cardiffair systems remove heat, fumes, odours – replacing them with fresh cool breezes
  • Cardiffair systems can either be induction (push air in) or extraction (pull air out)
  • Installed in homes, offices, schools, churches, shops, warehouses, abattoirs, and more
  • Well-known brand throughout Australia – majority of systems installed on the East Coast
  • Systems also installed in South Africa and Malaysia
  • Preferred supplier to the Queensland Education Department for the last 15 years
  • 3 size systems for different applications – Cardiffair Mobile Fans also produced
  • Systems are installed by individual contractors on behalf of Cardiffair – Installation can easily be done in-house
  • Cardiffair controls the whole manufacturing process to ensure a high level of quality is maintained
  • Every part of the Cardiffair system is manufactured in South-East Queensland
  • Everything needed to manufacture Cardiffair Fans, Control Boxes and Components will be sold with the business
  • Library of advertising material – From brochures to the company mascot, Cardiffair the Kool Koala
  • 6 months to a year of training offered at consultant rates
  • Website:

This business could be expanded across all 3 markets – domestic, commercial, and industrial. And new items can be brought onboard – such as a range of heating products.

Cardiffair Systems can work with other applications like Big Fans and Air Conditioning Systems.

PRICE: All Reasonable Offers will be Considered


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  • State: Queensland
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