No, that’s not a dream – it’s a reality! Selling your business privately will net you a better price, and save you thousands in commission.

Over the past few years we have seen a huge increase in private business sales. And in many ways, we have the buyers to thank for this.

With the ease and accessibility of the internet, a keen buyer will search for their perfect business. It’s increasingly unlikely that their first call will be to a business broker.

The reason being is that they know what they want, where they want it and, generally, how much they want to pay.

And they know that by dealing directly with the seller, they will likely achieve a better price, as well as learning about the business straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were!

To a business broker, with all the good will in the world, it’s just another business. To you, the seller, it’s something you’ve nurtured and grown, making sacrifices, learning all the ins and outs of what works, and what doesn’t. You are the person any prospective buyer will want to talk to.

And that makes handing a big chunk of your profit across to a broker rather a waste of time, don’t you think?

Marketing your own business, through a professional organisation like Coast to Coast Media, means better profits, because you don’t have to share!

That’s more money in YOUR pocket for your next enterprise, or your retirement.

And really, apart from charging like a wounded bull, what does a broker do that Coast to Coast can’t?

Coast to Coast’s team of professionals will market your business on your terms and, using their Buyer Matching Service, help find the right buyer.

The team never relies on just one marketing method because you never know where your buyer might come from.

This usually results in the overpricing of your business, which will generate little interest and see your business sit on the market without selling. Quite often when a business owner puts the sale of their business in the hands of a broker, they try to compensate the commission fees into the selling price.

Did you know that broker fees and commission range from between 5% and 15% – that’s a hefty lump of change that would be better staying in your pocket!

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