Home Selling Tips For Parents: Keeping Order And Cleanliness

Thinking about moving, getting your house ready for a sale, negotiating with potential buyers and making sure that your kids are happy throughout the process – it could be a difficult task. Getting little ones used to the change will be very demanding because many children are uncomfortable with moving to a new house. While doing that, you’ll need to make sure that your property is ready for a sale.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind – it could be impossible to keep order in your perfectly staged home. Your kids will still want to play around and have fun, regardless of the fact that you’re trying to sell.

As a parent and a real estate seller, you’re facing a couple of distinct challenges. Here’s how to address those.

De-Personalise To Address The Needs Of All Buyers

Many buyers will be turned off by the mess and the piles of toys all over the house. This is why it’s important to de-personalise and make sure that the property is considered attractive by all buyer groups.

De-personalisation is one of the most important rules of house staging, whether you have kids or you don’t. Too much of your family’s presence can make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine the house as their own.

In order to de-personalise, you’ll need to remove certain items from the house. Here are some of these items:

  • – Family photographs
  • – Fridge magnets and kid paintings
  • – Toys
  • – Souvenirs from family trips and other items that have solely personal value


Clutter – The Biggest Problem

The biggest problem that property sellers with kids have to deal with is clutter. It can be nearly impossible to overcome but messiness will decrease the appeal of the property.

Get rid of everything that’s making the rooms feel small and claustrophobic. You’ll notice how much space is going to become available by just getting rid of those piles of toys. Potential buyers want to see something classy, elegant and attractive. It’s up to you to make sure that your home is just that.

Once you get rid of the clutter, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning. Scrub the marker and the paint stains off the walls. Use a professional carpet cleaning service, especially if you have stubborn spots that have been there for months (maybe for years)?

A thorough cleaning will transform the house immediately. It will also give the rooms a fresh scent that the buyers will associate with recent renovations and a perfectly maintained property.

Get Children Involved In The Process

In order to make the transition easier for little ones, you should get them involved in the process. Cleaning and getting toys in the transportation boxes together will make the move a game that kids will enjoy.

Tell little ones about the beautiful new home that you’ll soon be moving to. Work together on coming up with a list of the items that you’re going to need in the new property. You can also clean together – get kids to help you with some of the easier tasks like making the beds and dusting the furniture.

Take Kids Out For A Walk

The next step of the property selling process is showing the house to potential buyers. Individuals that don’t have kids will probably feel uncomfortable with little ones running around, eating food noisily, having a fight or screaming at the top of their lungs.

Have your significant other or a family friend take the kids out for a walk while you’re showing the house. Alternatively, you should instruct little ones to behave themselves or play in the yard while potential buyers are exploring the home.

Prepare Little Ones For The Move

The final aspect of selling a house and being a parent involves preparing your children for the move.

Changing houses can be a traumatic experience for sensitive kids, especially if you’re moving to another city and they have to leave school or friends behind. Talk to your children about the reasons for the move and how it’s going to benefit the entire family. Encourage them to share their fears and the negative feelings connected to going to another place. Addressing these emotions rather than ignoring the emotional response of your children will lead to a smoother transition.

This is it! You have a few complications to deal with but selling your house quickly is a mission possible. Remember to be a responsible parent and to also think about what buyers are looking for. These two components will ensure the success of your efforts.

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