Enhance The Front Entrance Hallway, Sell Your Home Faster

Entrance hallway design often remains underestimated because property sellers focus on other aspects of interior design and home decoration. The entry hall, however, is the first part of the house that the potential buyers see. As such, it can have an impact on first impression and the manner in which the potential buyers perceive the entire property.

Are you ready to sell your house quickly and at the right price? Doing a few entrance hallway modifications may be just what you need to accomplish those goals.

Start With The Basics: Tidy It Up!

This first step applies to all aspects of home staging and we’ll never get tired of repeating – tidy it up and get rid of clutter.

The rule is particularly important if you have a tiny entrance hall. This small space will look cramped if you have too much stuff piled around the door. Umbrellas, shoes and coats – all of these can be placed elsewhere while you’re trying to sell the home.

Get rid of old rugs and make sure that all surfaces look shiny and clean. A thorough scrubbing can cause a significant transformation – don’t underestimate its importance. If necessary – get an armoire. It’s great for getting shoes organised and it will simplify the task of tidying up. An armoire is a good idea only if you have a big enough entrance hallway. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to keep your shoes stored away until you manage to sell the house.

Add Some Light

The lack of enough light is one of the biggest problems for numerous entrance hallways. A gloomy entrance will immediately affect the mood of potential buyers, which is why you have to make sure that the first part of the house is bright and cheerful.

If necessary, use stronger light bulbs. A standing lamp is another great idea to make the entrance hallway a little bit brighter.

Clean the adjacent windows perfectly to allow more light in. The final trick involves the use of mirrors. Mirrors can be used to reflect light from other parts of the house and bring it to then the entrance hallway. The use of mirrors can lead to a serious improvement in the situation without major repairs or modification projects.

Tasteful And Classy Artwork Or Accessories

You should certainly consider decorating the entrance hallway to give it a bit of personality and style. When it comes to decorating small spaces, quality is much more important than quantity.

A beautifully-framed mirror can be the central piece of your entrance hallway. Choose a theme and stick to it. If you opt for a natural, rustic feel, you should go for accessories and artwork made of wood, stone and iron. A minimalist interior design will call for white surfaces, rounded edges and functional appeal.

Choose a nice wall colour that captivates the attention of the visitor immediately. If your entrance hallway opens up in the living room or another visible area of the house, you may consider using the same colour everywhere. This decorative choice will create visual consistency and paint a better picture of your style.

A small table and a coat hanger will complete the picture. Don’t do too much in terms of accessories if you have a small space. Pick just one high quality, focal piece and make the entire design revolve around it.

What Does The Door Look Like?

Everything else looks perfect but how about the door? It’s the first thing the buyers see and when you close it after entering the house, it may actually ruin the perfect interior design you worked so hard on.

A thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint will both be called for. These projects are easy to execute over the weekend and they don’t demand serious investment. You may want to reinforce the old colour of the door or you may choose something that either matches the entrance hall tone or contrasts it beautifully.

Consider Adding Some Greenery

Finally, you may want to opt for greenery rather than furniture and accessories. A few life plants will immediately set the right mood and diversify the appearance of the entrance.

Greenery looks bright and cheerful. If possible, go for flowering plants in beautiful pots. The pots should correspond to the interior design style you’ve chosen – traditional, rustic, minimalist or futuristic – it all depends on your preferences and idea.

Pick flowers that don’t need a lot of care. You’ll be rather busy while trying to sell the house and you’ll probably lack the time to deal with complicated and capricious plants.

A great first impression is all about making the buyer want the house right from the start. It’s not difficult to accomplish the goal, especially if you do smart interior design modifications. The entrance can make a statement, even if the space is small. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

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