Eco-Friendly Bathroom Improvement Ideas For Property Sellers

Whether you plan to sell your house right now or in the years to come, a few eco-friendly bathroom improvements can go a long way. Apart from appealing to potential buyers, such modifications will help you save a lot of money while you’re still living in the house.

Traditional bathroom equipment and accessories can lead to significant water waste. Modern technologies and smart solutions can help you conserve large amounts, which will ultimately have an impact on the utility bills.

Keep in mind that many people looking to buy property today are paying attention to eco-friendly improvements. The number of individuals that understand their benefits is growing all the time, thus it’s a good idea to upgrade your bathroom right now.

Water-Efficient Shower Heads And Low-Flow Toilets

The shower head and the toilet are the two pieces of bathroom equipment that can contribute to tremendous water loss. Replacing those with eco-friendly alternatives isn’t tremendously expensive, plus the purchase will deliver a high return on investment in terms of water savings.

There’s no need to take shorter showers in order to save water. High-efficiency shower heads guarantee the same water pressure without using the same amounts as a traditional shower head. Such shower heads can reduce the amount of water used when showering by nearly 50 percent.

Low-flow toilets are an equally good investment. Toilet flushing contributes to the most significant water consumption in the home. The newer toilet models can save approximately 20 percent of that amount.

If you don’t think that buying a new toilet is a good idea, you can retrofit an older model. A flush handle will need to be installed in order to give you control over the amount of water that is used each time.

Motion Sensor Faucets

The bathroom faucets can also be replaced in an attempt to save more water. The motion sensor faucet is one piece of bathroom equipment that is constantly gaining popularity.

The problem stems from the use of the bathroom sink. Despite their best intentions, many people tend to waste a lot of water while brushing their teeth, shaving or washing their hands. The beauty of motion sensor faucets is that they turn the water on only when it’s needed.

A motion sensor faucet will also help you keep the sink cleaner. There will be no build-up around the handles and you’ll get to maintain ideal hygiene.

Choose A Green Flooring Option

Now that we’ve tackled water saving, it’s time to take a look at other opportunities for making your bathroom greener. The flooring can contribute to even more environment-friendly bathroom that will appeal to potential buyers.

Bamboo, concrete and linoleum are some practical and green bathroom flooring options. Bamboo is much more durable than hardwood and it is also suitable for use in the bathroom. If you’re looking for an affordable option, go for concrete.

Pick Durable Tiling

The floor has already been taken care of, it’s time to consider environment-friendly bathroom tiling options.

Ceramic tiles are a wonderful option for every bathroom. This material is moisture-resistant and the manufacturing process is low-impact. Very often, ceramic tiles are made of recycled materials. Ceramic tiles can include old glass and even old car windshields in their composition, which turns those tiles in a perfect possibility for the environment-conscious home owner.

Don’t Forget About The Lights!

Though the lights in the bathroom aren’t turned on as often as in the other parts of the house, it’s still a good idea to opt for energy-efficient lights.

LED bulbs are a perfect addition to the green bathroom. There are warm LED lights, which create a very nice and cosy atmosphere in the bathroom. LEDs can also be used under the cabinets, on the ceiling or the bathroom floor to create an innovative and attractive solution.

A LED light bulb will consume 80 percent less energy than traditional lights and the lifespan of these bulbs is 25 times longer. Though they may seem a bit expensive right now, you’ll appreciate the purchase once you see the reduction in your electricity bill.

These are just some of the options that you have in terms of making the bathroom greener. You will see the benefits of even a few of these improvements. Changing the old faucets and the shower head, for example, can make a really good impression, help you save money and also contribute to a faster property sale.

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