Doggy Day Care Tale has a Happy Ending

Doggy Day Care Tale has a Happy Ending


When Leisa Lejarraga decided to sell her successful Doggy Day Care & Pet Services business in Townsville, it wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly.

As a dog lover, experienced dog carer and businesswoman, running Happy Pawz was her dream job! 

“I have always loved dogs and had previously worked in another doggie day care for nearly six years. After that sold, I decided that I wasn’t done yet in the animal industry so I endeavoured to open my own up and run it the way I had always wanted to, making it into a family where dogs from all walks of life could come to play and learn to socialise in a safe environment,” Leisa said.

“What made it successful was we were always about the dogs and their owners. We were flexible to work in with our clients and we knew all our dogs inside out! We always strived to keep our prices on all our services affordable.

“We were the first doggie day care in Townsville to offer a pick-up and drop-off service to help those who were unable to utilise our opening hours. We found we never had to advertise; word-of-mouth from our very loyal clients/family members was all we needed to help us to grow. 

“But, unfortunately, the time was right for my family to sell. My husband and I have always both owned our own businesses and with one little girl already, we wanted to grow our family and knew we had to part with one of our businesses in order to make that happen,” Leisa told Coast to Coast Australia.

When Leisa first put the business on the market, things moved very slowly. But then she turned to Coast to Coast Australia for help.

“Yes, it took a bit longer than expected till we joined you guys and then it happened quite quickly; I’m not too sure if I was completely ready! It was good but it felt like I was letting go of one of my babies that I had created!”

Leisa says she chose Coast to Coast Australia because it was reasonably priced and offered maximum exposure to get the business out there and sold for the best price.

So, would she use Coast to Coast in the future?

“Yes, definitely, although I hope to not be selling another business anytime soon! But I would certainly recommend you to someone else who was looking into selling their business.”

Thanks Leisa – and good luck with your future plans!

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