Why Sell Privately

Suggest to somebody that they sell their property or business privately and quite often you’ll be met by a look of horror!  But tell them they will still have access to professional services to help them do it – they just won’t have to pay out thousands in commission – and that look will change to interest.

You see, we have been programmed by real estate agents and business brokers to believe that we HAVE to use their services, that perhaps it isn’t even legal not to!

News flash! It is perfectly legal, not that hard and you’ll make major financial savings. So why wouldn’t you!?

Let’s just say you were selling your home, through an agent. What would you do to prepare?

First, you’d find out what other properties in the area were selling/have sold for, and decide on an asking price.

Then you’d set about preparing the property for sale – tidying up the garden, freshening up paintwork, finishing off any DIY jobs etc.

Next would come the photographs and, you would expect, professionally written advertisements and editorial to market the property. Although more often than not, the editorial will be written by the agent, complete with spelling mistakes!

Going forward you’d keep the home tidy for viewings, give the agent all the information he or she needed, and possibly talk to possible buyers.

So, if you ditch the agent, you pretty much do exactly the same thing!

You do your homework and perhaps talk to a valuer to decide on an asking price, and then make the property look good (without over-capitalising).

Then you talk to Coast to Coast Media, where a team of in-house experts will put together your advertisements, complete with professionally-written editorial and eye-catching graphic art.

Then you just keep the home looking good for viewings, and talk to potential buyers. Easy!

Of course, Coast to Coast offer other great benefits, too. Like a Buyer Matching Service, specifically designed to help you sell your property.

And when it’s all over, and you’ve achieved the result you wanted, you also end up with all that extra cash, that would have gone to an agent in commission fees.

This method is also an excellent idea if you like to buy up old properties, do them up, and then sell them on for a profit. Paying out commission would make a huge dent in the end result.

Nobody knows your home better than you, and that makes you the best person to sell it. But there is one very useful piece of advice.

Once you make the decision to sell, you need to look at that property in a different light. It is no longer a home for you and your family; it is a valuable product which you need to market and sell for the best price.

You need to showcase it in the best light – to market ‘the lifestyle’ the home would offer, while making use of your insider knowledge.With the right professional help, it really is that easy to sell your home privately – and pay yourself the commission!

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