Selling A Pub Business?

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Building and managing a Pub can be hard work, but it can also be rewarding! A lot of times it is hard to fathom selling your pub while you are immersed in the business and working hard to actually run it and grow your customer base. Once you have actually made the decision to sell, it can be quite easy., and you don’t need to pay commissions!

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A couple of tips to consider to help in the preparation of sale of your Pub are:

  • How long has your Pub been operating, have you improved its reputation?
  • Is the Pub in a presentable state of repair? Does the building look inviting?
  • Do you have financial records to match your asking price?
  • Does your Pub enjoy repeat business? Is there a database of these clients?
  • Do you have reliable staff?

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    Selling a Pub

    Pubs, inns and roadhouses have been around for a very long time, so the chances are they’ll never go out of fashion. When we look at Australia as a whole, we can date such businesses back to the early 1800s, with the oldest, continually licensed pub – in the same building on the same site – being the Bush Inn in New Norfolk, Tasmania, built in 1815, and licensed in 1825.

    The point is, if you’re selling a pub, your potential buyers can be sure they are getting a business that will stand the test of time.

    However, exactly what they are getting, and how you market it, will be the deciding factor when it comes to price.

    There are so many variations on a theme within the ‘pub’ business. A pub can be purely a pub, somewhere to have a drink and some pub grub. Or it might incorporate a restaurant or bistro, offering a more extensive menu and catering to both individuals and bigger groups.

    Or, a pub can be a hotel, offering drinks, food and accommodation. If it’s a hotel, it could be purpose-built, or it could be housed in an historic building.

    Why is this relevant? Because different buyers want different things. For example, a buyer with a catering background will most likely want to take over or establish a successful food pub. On the other hand, a couple might be after a hotel, with one of them in the kitchen and the other running the accommodation side of the business.

    And whereas many buyers are attracted by the idea of running a charming old pub, others will run a mile at the sound of the word ‘heritage’, as that can often mean ‘restrictions’.

    Location is also a key issue. We tend to have country pubs (or roadhouses), seaside pubs (or hotels) and city pubs. Is your potential buyer seeking a tree-change or a sea-change, or are they city slickers?

    When you market your business, you’re not just selling bricks and mortar, you’re selling a lifestyle, a dream. So while you need to cover important practical points, such as the number of rooms and whether or not there’s a beer garden, you also need to paint a picture of what their new life could be like.

    Let them imagine themselves to be the new landlords of a charming country pub, where they know all the customers by name, send their children to the local school, and buy locally grown produce for the kitchen.

    Or create an image of a dream seaside hotel, with ocean views from the verandah, freshly caught fish on the menu, and time-off spent boating and fishing.

    Having sown the seed, now’s the time to tell your potential buyer all the positives about the business. For example, have you renovated the pub? Has it won any awards? Have the financials improved?

    Sell your commercial property or business privately without business brokers. We advertise your business for sale or real estate listing in our go-to website, national glossy Coast to Coast Magazine and major real estate websites reaching many motivated buyers. Call now to sell your business or property 1300 793 792 or email [email protected].

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