Are you thinking about selling your business in the coming months? Perhaps you need to free up funds for a new venture, or you fancy a sea-change.

Or perhaps you simply wish to retire and reap the rewards of all your hard work.

One thing’s for sure, you probably think you need to contact a business broker to make it happen – but you don’t! There is now an alternative way of selling a business, that will save you heaps.

Never Pay Commission

Traditionally, commercial property sales were handled by real estate agents or brokers, and substantial commission would need to be paid once the sale was completed.

But what if you could get the same results without paying any commission at all, ever!

These days smart business buyers and sellers know they can get a better deal by choosing an independent sales team. Your business will be marketed in just the same way, but you won’t pay a cent in commission.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

Whether it be a motel for sale, a cafe, or any other commercial real estate sales – including franchise opportunities – your business will be professionally presented to the marketplace. In addition, you will benefit from a Buyer Match Service, that helps bring you qualified people ready to buy!

Selling commercial real estate without business brokers is completely legal, and increasingly popular, as sellers realise how much they can save by not paying commission.

You might be planning to start a business – in which case, you need every cent you can get to provide security for the future. So wouldn’t that commission be better in YOUR pocket?

Financial Flexibility

Often this process facilitates a quicker sale, as you now have the financial flexibility to negotiate on price with a potential buyer.

More and more people are seeking self-employment opportunities, making this a great time to sell your business. And the quicker you sell, the sooner you can begin your next adventure.

It might be that you want to swap city life for the coast, and downsize to a lifestyle business, that allows more time for family and friends.

Alternatively, you may have cut your teeth on a small enterprise, and now feel ready for a bigger investment.

Begin Your Next Adventure

Either way, selling your business privately without business brokers will leave more money in your pocket for this next phase of your life.

And you wouldn’t be alone. The number of people selling homes and businesses privately in Australia is increasing every year.

The main incentive for not using business brokers is not paying commission, as this can be around 10% of the final selling price. However, business owners also cite lack of control over the process as a reason.

Get The Price You Want

No-one knows your business better than you, and you should have a say in the process, and in choosing the right buyer. All too often, vendors say they felt pressured by the business broker into accepting a low offer, just to get a sale.

Let’s take a closer look at the services offered by business brokers, and see how a private sale compares. The main reasons people choose business brokers are:

  • Experience in marketing businesses
  • Ability to advertise and promote the business
  • Buyer Match and screening services
  • Independent, with no emotional attachment

More Control, Better Results

All these services and skills are now available when you sell your business privately through a professional, Australian-based company – without the fees and commission. In addition, the business owners get more control over the sale – and over the price.

A private sale offers your potential buyers something extra, too. Think about it; if you were buying a business, wouldn’t you want to talk to the owner directly? Asking those important questions and getting a ‘feel’ for the business?

And remember, even if you are selling through a broker or agent, you would still need to involve your accountant and your solicitor, just as you would with a private sale.

Why Wait - Sell Today!

Selling without business brokers leaves more room for negotiation, and adds that human touch that can make all the difference to the sale.

If you have made up your mind to sell, why wait? In fact, why should you wait! You’re ready to move on to the next stage of your life and now you need the cash to make it happen.

Selling your business privately will deliver the maximum financial benefit from your investment, as well as giving you peace of mind and confidence in the sales process. 

If you’re after a great result, make that move today!

Sell your commercial property or business privately without business brokers. We advertise your business for sale or real estate listing in our go-to website, national glossy Coast to Coast Magazine and major real estate websites reaching many motivated buyers. Call now to sell your business or property 1300 793 792 or email [email protected].

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