Unique Online Amazon Business Opportunity – Australia and NZ 


Looking for a business with high demand & great potential? Look no further! 

Unlock the potential of the booming Amazon Australia market by investing in AMZ Product Launcher today! 

AMZ Product Launcher gives you everything you need to successfully launch and run your own Amazon business from anywhere, with no physical assets or employees required.  

Amazon Australia offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners – especially as the eCommerce market is expected to continue growing – with Amazon at the forefront of this growth. 

Business Highlights: 

  • Training & consultancy services for individuals / businesses looking to launch their products on Amazon Australia & New Zealand 
  • Help with finding product ideas and getting started 
  • Services designed to help clients navigate the process of setting up & optimising their online presence on Amazon 
  • Focus on increasing visibility, sales, & profitability 
  • Flexible & cost-effective option for entrepreneurs / small business owners 
  • Training conducted entirely online – Easy & convenient for clients to receive the support they need 
  • Receive branding support + help in finding suppliers & manufacturers  
  • Amazon has a proven track record of consistent growth – with an expanding customer base & increasing sales volume 
  • Diversify your revenue streams – Reduce your dependence on a traditional 9 to 5 job – potentially mitigating the impact of economic downturns 
  • Tap into the Increased Online Spending created by the pandemic 
  • Find out more at: https://www.amzproductlauncher.com.au 

Receive help from a team with extensive experience and knowledge in launching products on Amazon in Australia and NZ. 

The training program provides support for 12 months. If, after a year, you have not achieved a minimum of a 100% return on investment, they will continue working with you until that goal is met. 

Amazon is a global marketplace, allowing businesses to reach customers around the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for growth! 


Price: $14,997 – $49,997 

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  • State: New South Wales
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