Online Communication Software Program – National 


Hut12 is a cloud-based team communications platform, designed to allow internal and external teams to communicate in business. Similar successful products exist in the marketplace such as Aconex acquired by Oracle for AU$1.6b, and provide: 

  • Online Communication 
  • Multiple Projects and Team Collaboration 
  • Decision Management  

Hut 12 Features include: 

  • Threading of messages, with saved history and easy tracking. 
  •         Ability to attach file attachments (size limit can be set as high as desired).
  •         Internal message review (end editing), and approval process (if required).
  •         Setting of due dates for messages.
  •         Built-in address book, allowing easy recall of connections.

Professionally built on the Microsoft Azure platform the software provides a robust and capable platform. The external programming team is available and can continue to modify and improve the software as required. 


The current owner lacks the time and marketing skills to take this excellent product to the market and now seeks expressions of interest to enable the software program to reach its full potential. 

The owner will consider the following purchase options: 

1.      Outright purchase of the software; 

2.      Development partnership; or 

3.      Other proposal 


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  • State: South Australia
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