$ 50,000
Investment per subsidiary $50,000


Opportunity Knocks…100% back in 12 months…Guaranteed


Boomerang Virtual Art Gallery….


We want to sell a 50% share of Boomerang Virtual Art Gallery for $50,000, to capture a share in the international market for Australian Aboriginal Art.
Working from home, our new partner could help us source the art.

The market is enormous. Including the Chinese, Indian and Asian middle classes, with Japan, Korea, North America and Europe, we have a market of millions of people. We plan to sell one art print for US$50, three for US$100 or two with a case of BIG ROO Wine for US$100. We will also sell any one of our original works for US$1,000, or US$2,000 depending on its cost.

Our marketing will be via social media like Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, etc, all to be managed from our office in North Sydney, where the original art is kept.
The currency difference will pay the cost of reproduction and prompt air freight.

From a galley of 50 paintings, 1,000 print sales will raise between $50,000 and $100,000. 100 originals at US$1,000 or 50 at us$2,000 WILL ALSO RAISE $50,000.

Initially, all net profit will be used to repay our new partners’ investments.
We anticipate a return of 100% per year on our $100,000 total investment.

If you are interested in this exciting new venture, please either email me on [email protected] our current email address, or call 0477 888 933.


Big Roo Wines….


We are forming Big Roo Wines Pty Ltd and want to sell 50% of it for $50,000. The wines will be exported and marketed at US$100 per case, delivered, with any two of our twenty plus Australian Aboriginal Art prints. We will need a container of BIG ROO Wine in each of our markets for local delivery.

The currency difference will cover many of our costs. The marketing will be done in conjunction with Boomerang Virtual Art Gallery. As the prints will sell for US$50 each, then a case of wine with two prints will be quite cheap. Payment will be via an eCommerce website using a local bank account in US$.

We are very keen to involve an Australian vineyard to handle the production, bottling and packaging etc, with the marketing done by Rural X Ports. We plan to invest up to $5,000,000 in Boomerang and BIG ROO to generate additional capacity, with a guaranteed purchase of 1,000 cases per year.


If you are interested in either of these or both exciting new ventures, please either email Bob McMicking on [email protected] or call 0477 888 933.



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