Overcoming Sales Objections

Whatever business you are in, the likelihood is that it will only survive if you make sales. Be it a cafe or a consultancy, a motel or a mechanical workshop, it all hinges on attracting customers and making sales.

And as we all know, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. The perfect customer or client, of course, is the one that arrives at your door, cash in hand, ready to buy. If only life was that easy!

Believe In Your Product

Generally speaking, to be successful, you have to actively promote your business and attract potential customers. Then you have to work to make the sale, and then you have to retain that customer. Phew!

Somewhere in that very varied skill-set, you also need to know how to overcome sales objections.

First and foremost, believe in your product. If you truly believe it’s the best product or service on the market, and it works, you will overcome most objections. Belief – especially self-belief – goes a long way towards creating positivity and abundance.

Objections Over Price

Customers generally fall into two groups. There are those who are actively looking to buy a product or service. And their objections will generally revolve around price and quality.

Then there are the ‘cold sales’, the customers who walk into your store to browse, and walk out with a purchase, thanks to your sales technique.

The first sales objection is price. This is when belief in your product is essential. If the customer asks why yours is more expensive than your competitor’s, know the answer: it’s better!

Quality Will Last Longer

You can also argue that it is better to pay a little more for quality, that will last, than grab a cheapie which needs replacing in 6-12 months.

A sales objection that both men and women use is, I have to consult with my husband/wife. Very often, this is a just a way of getting out of the purchase. Choose instead to see this as a positive, and invite them to bring in their partner.

A lot of people will say they need time to think about the purchase. Fair enough, if we are talking a major purchase, like a house or a car.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

Is the item currently on sale? Are prices about to go up? Are they selling out? Help the customer see that they can’t live without it. It’s all about selling a dream.

‘Time to think’ can also indicate that you haven’t yet built up a relationship with this customer, so there’s an issue over trust. We talked earlier about retaining customers, and that is all about trust.

If you believe in your product or service, market accordingly, and offer unbeatable customer service, the chances are you will overcome most sales objections.

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